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Acti Ambassador Halili Balisbisana

Acti-Labs Hawaii Ambassador Halili Balisbisana

Halili Balisbisana
Diamond Ambassador
Hawaii (Oahu: Kapolei/Makakilo)
Joined: Dec. 10, 2016
Ambassador Member# 32220

Natural Beauty Consultant

Aloha Beauties!

If you are looking for a DIAMOND AMBASSADOR that is willing to provide 110% CUSTOMER SERVICE and WILLING to KEEP UP with the UPCOMING sales...then, I am the RIGHT CHOICE for YOU! My name is Halili Balisbisana and I am 56 years young. After turning 50, I started to see "AGE SPOTS and SUN SPOTS," appearing on my face. It concerned me a lot and that began my FIRST journey to look for a BEAUTY REGIMEN that does not contain harsh chemicals, due to my overly SENSITIVE skin.

Numerous years of trying and finding the right BEAUTY regimen...nothing seemed to work. All those dollars spent on HIGH-END products and still nothing. What makes it harder is that I have a very sensitive skin, until I discovered ACTI-LABS from my High School Classmate, Chris Tano, who is my UPLINE. Her extensive research on ingredients got my attention to always read your labels, due to the TOXIC CHEMICALS that are used as ingredients in the majority of beauty products that are out there. Acti-Labs made in Paris, regulated by the European Union has banned nearly 1400 TOXINS from our products, while USA banned only 11.

I've worked for the Honolulu Advertiser (Gannett owned) as a RETAIL ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE for 21 years and was force to retired after the closing of the newspaper. DELIVERING PROVEN results along with understanding your needs is my #1 PRIORITY. I am currently a Stay-at-Home Mom and I am VERY ACCESSIBLE to all your questions. I have LOYAL Beauties all over the USA, including Hawaii. I am READY, WILLING and ABLE to give you the ULTIMATE ACTI-LAB experience for your ENTIRE family.

If you want to start looking "AGELESS" and looking "NATURAL"...I am your CALLING! I've received numerous compliments about my age, that I appear to be only 35 years young...It feels "GREAT" and I want you to feel the same way and get your confidence back in AGING. ACTI-LABS, you've been a BLESSING to all my LOYAL BEAUTIES including me, that have got proven results!

Mahalo and I look forward on being your AMBASSADOR! Should you want to join my TEAM, we have opportunities waiting for you, also! REMEMBER, you are not just a number to me but, a SPECIAL BEAUTY that deserves ROYAL treatment!

Hugs w/Aloha!
Halili Balisbisana