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Hilo Ambassador Chris Quintos Babas with Acti-Labs


Hawaii (Hilo/Keeau)
Joined: September 30, 2016
Ambassador Member# 26217

Skincare & Beauty Consultant

I seen and heard about Acti-Labs through our Founding Diamond Manger Chris Tano. To tell you the truth I was skeptical about Acti-Labs because every weight loss product I've tried using other brands gave no results or had little results that would I ending up returning.

I finally gave in and tried Acti-Labs Hydra Slim. I was amazed with the results I had started by drinking this daily. I lost a large amount of weight in just 1 month and didn't gain that back. So I decided to join the Acti Team. Chris Tano was nice enough to send me a lot of samples right after I joined. The sample of the Lipo and Thermo Gel I think was responsible for my losing 3 inches when I tried it.  I purchased the Duo Wrap Kit and I just love the inches that fell of my body which too didn't come back. I didn't change my diet or watched what I ate, but I noticed I wasn't eating as much as I used to!

It's been just little over a year since I've been using the Acti-Labs Parisian made products (August 2016- September 2017) and I am absolutely loving it! Most especially knowing the fact that it's all natural and chemical free! I'm slowly replacing all my beauty products I use daily with Acti-Labs!

I'm not a great sales person at all but, I've gained customers through my own testimonies using Acti-Labs and people seeing my quick results.

If you want to try our products or sign up to be an Acti-Labs Ambassador just like me, I'll try my very best to answers your questions and help you along the way! We can be a team and change the world with Acti-Labs! Health and Beauty products that affordable, made in Paris and safe for everyone in the family!

Over a year of using an amazing mascara made my eye "OWN" eyelashes grow into these beauties!! I "LOVE" Acti-Labs Skyscraper Mascara....Paraben Free....Chemical Free....Natural...Affordable!

Even young beauties can use Acti-Labs. This is my granddaughter Paige, her mommy used Capill Hair on her hair and the results are amazing. This is Paige's updated results!


Strip Tea Customer Testimony Acti-Labs Hilo Ambassador Chris Quintos Babas
Sept. 26, 2017 - My sister just started taking Act-Labs Strip Tea like this morning and already the Strip Tea is working for her! She texted me this and it's amazing how this works! She doesn't like the taste lol but she's gonna continue drinking it! Everyone's body is different so some will feel the effect the first day some may start feeling it the 3rd day.