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Acti Ambassador Chloe Castillo Babas

Acti Ambassador Chloe Castillo Babas Hilo Hawaii
YOUR Hawaiian Islands AMBASSADOR
Chloe Castillo Babas

Chloe Castillo-Babas
Diamond MAnager
Hawaii (Hilo/Keeau)
Joined: April 8, 2017
Ambassador Member# 42354

Connect with ME

Aloha, my name is Chloe Castillo Babas. I reside on the Big Island of Hawaii with my family. I work full-time and do Acti-Labs part-time.

I was a faithful user of Mary Kay skin care regimen for 24 years. Last year in April 2016, I started following our USA Founding Manager Chris Tano Morgan on her journey with Acti-Labs on Facebook. She is also a family member of mine, a cousin. Since then, I am so amazed on how the products has tranformed Chris' appearance.

She looks so much younger and so much more vibrant in the 11 months I've been following her. Also, what attracted me to Acti-Labs is the AFFORDABILITY of the products and the ingredients inside of the products! "All natural plant derivative and no harmful chemicals. It is also free of parabens; synthetic fragrance, color & ingredients; nano particles, talc and not tested on animals. "Now, how can you go wrong?"

Well, by this time, March 2017 to be exact, I knew only a little bit about who Acti-Labs were and what they are all about, until Chris created a Group on Facebook. This group gave me a lot more knowledge on the Acti products and more information about Acti-Labs.

I was able to invite my friends to join this group via a contest that Chris promoted. Then, one day Chris had messaged me, "a friend of yours wants to buy Hydra Slim. Should I have her get with you?" I messaged her, "Can she order from you instead?" And Chris messaged back, "Okay, I'll have her order through me for now."

So, to make this long story short, Chris finally convinced me to sign-up to be an Ambassador in April of 2017, since then I've been a Diamond Ambassador every month and just this past August 2017, I made to Diamond Manager.

I've also been using Acti-Labs skin and hair care products and I am loving it! I've yet to try other products as well. I've also been posting testimonials and pictures of my customers who are loving Acti-Labs products! This is very exciting for me because I actually found products that really works and that's affordable. With this, I hope to gain more loyal beauties, as well as men, welcome new potential Ambassadors to join my team and to help them be aware of the dangers of what we use in other everyday products and to help them with their skin, makeup, hair, health and dieting needs.