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Washington State Acti Ambassador Anita Manuel
Serving Washington State and Hawaii


Anita Manuel
Diamond Manager
Joined: April 26, 2016
Ambassador Member# 12390

Connect with ME

My name is Anita Manuel and I was introduced to Acti-Labs by a longtime friend, and now business partner. I was in search of a natural regimen that would combat, and eventually, heal me and my daughter's endless Eczema flare-ups.

I was told that she had found a company that had products that she knew would help me in my search, but was not going to be available just yet. I agreed to keep an open mind and to wait patiently until this company, which is Acti-labs, launched in the US in March 2016.

This was a blessing in disguise, as had this not happened, I would not have been introduced to Acti-Labs. On April 26, 2016, I joined with the intention of trying out the products, to see if it was going to be the right fit.

I am currently a Diamond Manager and am very happy with the results thus far. I truly believe that you need to try the products before being able to produce sales and obtain a customer base. Nothing speaks louder than personal experience. Acti-Labs has a huge plethora of products and I am still in the process of trying them all.

I work a full-time job, with Acti-Labs part-time, but my goal is to work from home doing Acti-Labs. I believe that in order to make this a reality, one must have integrity, knowledge, organizational and social skills, a positive attitude, willingness to succeed and the ability to DREAM BIG and to not give up.

Acti-Labs has many luxurious products. I feel these are the MUST HAVE PRODUCTS

Collagen and Kelp helps with dry winter skin and eczema
My favorite body lotion Collagen and Kelp!! 😊 This a must have for me, especially during the winter. Has helped to keep my eczema under control and at bay. Makes me happy, happy!! 😄

Anita Manuel Acti-Transformation
My Acti Labs transformation journey 2015, 2016, 2017

Not only have I lost weight, since using Hydra Slim and Strip Tea, my skin is more firm and clear. Been using CC face wash with our Konjac sponge, Ultra and MesoDerm and Notox. I use Micellar 1-3 times a week for a deep cleansing, and our Vesuvio mask 1 - 3 times a month.

I also been using Eye ad Lip Concentrate, Hyaluronic Serum, TSB (tightening smoothing base), and Vitality C. I have suffered from Eczema since I was born and nothing seemed to help heal it completely, of course since moving to the PNW, much cooler climate has definitely helped, but been using Collagen and Kelp and Marine Collagen body lotion, for over a year now, which has helped heal and repair my skin, and continues to do so. Not sure if you can see it, but in the second to the last picture, I had a mole, I used Collagen and Kelp on it and it has faded tremendously.

I use our Skyscraper mascara, which has made my lashes grow and become much healthier.

I also use our gel eyeliner and eyeshadow, along with our medium dark 3D corrector as my foundation, love our makeup line as well.

Been using Capill shampoo and mask, along with Capill lotion to make my hair stronger and healthier.
So happy with my results, but still working on becoming a healthier me from the inside out!

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